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Welcome to this site all about parks and wildlife.

The goal of this website is to help you enjoy your time in parks and while watching or interacting with wildlife more. Most of people today spend their days inside, in front of the computers. This is not what human bodies have been originally been built for.

Exercise and spending time outdoors is critically important for your health. Not only that, spending time in a park, watching birds or other animals will make you feel rested in the way you won’t feel if you just stay inside and spend your time watching TV.

Parks and nature can offer plenty of activities, from hiking to water rafting to bird watching. On this website you will find a number of articles about these activities and more. For example, you will learn what you need to take with you if you want to watch and identify different species of birds. You will also learn about methods of bird identification, so that you can try and identify various species even if you have never done it before.

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On this website you will also learn about certain species of birds and about other animals. Being able to identify animals and bird in their natural habitats will help you stay focused for a longer time, pay attention to details and learn to make decisions quickly. All of these can not only help you have more fun while you are unplugging from the world with computers and smartphones, but also will allow you to build useful skills that you can then bring back with you to your job and everyday life.

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